sunnuntai 17. elokuuta 2014

Melanie's Blues (raw version)

Melanie was a confident girl. Her mother had told her that she had beautiful brown hair. Her boyfriend Justin praised her green eyes.

Behind all this was great sorrow. Melanie's parents were breaking up. They had been for last four years. They fight all the time.

When Melanie was younger she tried to intervene but soon found out it was no use. Fighting had to felt someday. That day might be coming soon.

She had been escaping harsh reality through music. People said she sang blues from the heart. They said she sounded better than any white girl they had ever heard.

Melanie was bad at school. She couldn't focus on her homework.

One Friday she realized that she didn't want too be with Justin anymore. He was too typical and predictable. She told Justin that it was over. Justin got angry, close to violent. Justin's behavior proved men and women didn't belong together.

As home got worse and worse she spent more and more time at Pinky's. It was towns biggest club that had Blues every Friday. She was underage but fit in fell with older people. She didn't like to hang out with people of her own age.

Melanie had met Pinky but this was the first time she was invited to his office. Pinky praised Melanie. He said Melanie could be next weeks leading performer, but she had to show that she was all in.

Melanie moved to little motel provided by Pinky. She quit school. When she told her parents they got mad but were soon at each other again. 

Melanie shined. After the show many invited her to star at their clubs. Pinky told them that Melanie was performing exclusively at Pinky's. 

Pinky told Melanie that she would get offers from major labels in no time. If she wanted to truly hit it big she had to change things.

"You have to sex it up a little bit. Blues doesn't sell, you have to go little R&B," Pinky said. Melanie didn't really agree but went along.

Next few months went hard. Four shows in one week. She felt that she was improving every performance and crowd get more and excited. 

Her parents called. They said they had sorted things out. She had heard the same lies too many times.

Sometimes after shows some men were harassing Melanie. Her bodyguard Terry was always there protecting her. 

Terry and Melanie developed a friendship.Long nights talking about music and life get Melanie to think. She wanted to go back to blues and start making her own songs. She good do one show a week for Pinky.

After one Saturday night show she went to Pinky's office. She tried to be calm, but Pinky clearly didn't want to change anything.

"It's one blues show a week or nothing," said Melanie.

"If you take something away from me I take something away from you. I ain't gonna pay your bodyguard for one show. This is cold city. You need protection, Pinky said.

"I don't need him, I don't need you, I don't need anybody!" shouted Melanie. She burst in tears as she rushed out of the office to motel. She didn't understand why anybody didn't understand her.

3 am Sunday morning Melanie was just going to sleep after shower. Then somebody knocked. Carelessly she opened the door and immediately Rico one of the Pinky's bodyguards assaulted her. Another bodyguard Taylor was watching at the door. 

Most terrible thing was that she couldn't do anything and nobody was going to help. Regular couples made even more sound here. She wanted to think about something else but couldn't.

"Taylor! What is going on!" Shouted Rico.

"But your hands up! Melanie could recognize that voice anywhere. It was Terry! Rico put his hands up and said "What are you doing? You don't make the rules. I don't make the rules."

"I think for myself. You should try it too Rico," responded Terry. Then Terry dropped his gun.

"I trust you. Don't worry. We'll leave. Taylor is waiting in the car", said Terry.

"Did you hit him?" Asked Rico.

"I don't do violence. He listened to sense," said Terry.

Rico stared at Terry for awhile. Then he walked to his car. 

Melanie hugged Terry.

"Pack fast. I already have my stuff in the car of mine. It's big, you can take everything you want," Terry said.

"Where are we going to go?" Melanie asked.

"Where people still jam the blues."