perjantai 15. elokuuta 2014

Good Day 459 Novella

Matthew listened to "It was a good day" on his way to school.
He wasn't a popular kid but he had friends. He wasn't confident about his look. Glasses and all.
First class was math. Matthew was good at math but didn't excel.
Second class was English. Like at math he was good but didn't excel. Matthews English had been dropping. Reason was a girl named Regina. Matthew had had his eye on her since kinder garden but could never get close. Matthew wasn't good with pretty girls. He was straight up about it. 
He didn't heard a word teacher said. He was lost in her hair. Matthew's best friend Thomas said Matthew looked like a creep. He didn't care.
Third class was history. Regina was there too so it didn't really matter what class it was or how good at it Matthew was.
Other classes just flew by. Regina wasn't there but that didn't stop Matthew from dreaming. 
Last class of the day was biology. That was the only subject Matthew excelled in. Regina was also in this class.
They were asked to form groups. Matthew always worked with Thomas but now Thomas went with somebody else. Matthew might have neglected Thomas so he wasn't surprised. 
"Matthew you can work with Regina and Holly," teacher said. Matthew was ever so happy to be a third wheel. He thought that this was his change to make a move. When he went to sit next to Regina he thought he blushed. He didn't dare to open his mouth.
"So, what you know about heart?" Asked Regina. 
"Some...thing", Matthew mumbled.
After a slow start Matthew got himself together and started to shine with his knowledge.
"Do you study this on your free time? 'Cos you are really good," Regina said.
"I just stay awake most of the time," said Matthew. Regina laughed. Matthew was always wondering were people laughing with him or at him but this time he didn't have to wonder.
"I'm really bad at biology. Could you teach me sometimes?" Said Regina.
"Sure", responded Matthew. You couldn't see it from his face but he was the happiest man in the world.
Although Holly looked at them Matthew felt that they were all alone. Matthew was going to kiss her but understood that it wasn't smart.
Matthew wouldn't have wanted the class to end but knew that best was still yet to come.
Walking out of the school he dreamed about life with Regina. Just before he opened the door somebody came inside. That somebody looked old and dirty but Matthew had his mind on the best day of his life.
Bang. Bang. Then everything went dark.