torstai 23. lokakuuta 2014

Why Pokemon world has much to offer to non gamer?

According to the stats my readers might have missed the Pokemon games and the following series.
I believe most know what Pokemon is but if don't know go to internet near you and find out.
Pokemon franchise could be compared to Marvels super hero products.
Gamefreak is Marvel here. Every aspect of the franchise works under it in a way or another. It all started with a game that grew into to TV series, manga books, trading card game and numerous other products.
All of them are in the same universe but like with Marvel different products take different perspectives. TV series was at the start for the people of all ages but little by little it has turned in to kids series. It shows the world in much softer light. Battles are much more closer to boxing than to an actual dog fight. For example in the video game Bite is a common attack. It's is rarely shown and when it's shown it not and actual 'bite'.
For a while series tried to lessen the amount of physical contact between the creatures by turning the battle in to a 'laser battle' of beams.
Manga has always been more harsh showing more violence and sexual content. Sexual preferences were present at the TV series too but they were quickly toned down as the franchise didn't want anymore scandals.
Manga's world is closer to the original video game world. Manga is naturally further away from the real world focusing in the relationships of the characters. Origin mini series was a combination of manga and the TV series. Presentation was close to reality but it was violent. It was directed to the older audience. Since the days of game boy video game sales have been decreasing at steady pace especially in the younger demographic. Folks at Nintendo are no fools. They know they cannot lean on 90's kids forever. Pokemon Black&white was supposed to be a new start but it failed to catch the attention of the younger audience. Pokemon has a lot fanatic fans but casual players are scared off by humongous amount off Pokemons (719). TV series is only piece of the franchise that still attracts kids and is more known in the biggest market (USA) than the game. So little back story there. You might now be interested in hearing what Pokemon world has to offer. Magical creatures called Pokemon are not so magical in their world. Because there are no animals they are the main source of food and making them fight is a common practice. Franchises products try to show it in a positive light but if I was writing fan fiction those would be the issues I would target. Pokemon world gives writer an interesting platform to comfort multiple issues like dog/cock fighting being universally accepted. Also because only parts of the world have been explorer even in fan fiction you can create a new region.