torstai 16. lokakuuta 2014

Describe Color to the Blind

At CC i saw an exercise called Describe Color to the Blind.
It went like this:
"A test in doing the impossible: either framed in characters or outright, or however you think best, try to describe what color is like to a person who has never seen a thing, ever. How can you, in words, get across the idea of what exactly red or blue or any other color is like? The drab scientific understanding of light bouncing can be understood, but the essence of the idea is almost indescribable...that is until you come in! Do your best!"
Here is how I answer ed the question, hopefully you understand my deep thinking:
"Colors are not certain. It is assumed that almost everybody see the colors in the same way but how we understand colors varies. One of the colors is red. When people see red room some think about love and romance, others start to think about hell and lust.
They greatly affect the way we view the world, but they bring bias with them. It might be that if you didn't see colors you would see the naked, real, world."