torstai 19. kesäkuuta 2014

First peak at Rabies

Thanks to summer vacation I have had time to write. This is your fist peak of Rabies.
Delia Briggs
When it all happened Delia was drving her car leaving the courtroom. Her thoughts were still on the case. It's hard to judge a man but it is harder to judge a boy. Driving home she cried, all her life she wanted to be a judge but sometimes dreams fail you.
Suddenly she heard a big bang. She had hit something. Cars front was all bloody. It was a dog, Delia was relieved that it's wasn't a kid, that would have killed her career. She didn't like dogs, especially big dogs like this one. She was a cat person. The road was almost empty and only a few cars passed, none of them stopped. It was a typical white neighbourhood.
Delia wasn't sure what to do.
She didn't want to look at the dog but saw that dog's mouth was leaking with saliva. Delia decided to call 911, dog was probably dangerous to the environment. ”Do not touch the dog” emergency center employee said. ”Wasn't going to” Delia thought.
Delia left the dog there and headed home. On the way she saw lot's of dead dogs. ”Why do people not keep them on a leash.” Once she arrived to the flat she turned the radio on. People were advised to keep and eye on their pets and to immediately seek medical help if scratched or bitten.
Delia's cats Kiki and Sienna were safe and warm laying on the couch, they were beautiful persians.
Her thoughts were back on the case. A young male attempted to rob a pawn shop with a toy gun. He failed miserably and is now likely facing a long sentence. He was just trying to feed his family. Delia wanted to help not to imprison people like that young man. Maybe she had chosen a wrong career. Delia went to sleep quite early, news were worrying but she had her mind on other things.

Jack Garrett
Jack was playing golf like always. ”When he ain't working he'll be golfing”. That's what his friends use to say, but now days he spends most of his time with Dorothy.
About six o'clock he started heading to Dorothy's. Like always driving his trusted golf kart Wallace, he's the type of guy who names his vehicles. On the way he adored beautiful Florida spring.
Immediately after parking Jack heard weird sounds coming from the house, he grabbed his five iron and opened the door. ”Thank god Dorothy doesn't lock the door” Jack mumbled.
What Jack saw when he opened that ornamental door was the most disgusting thing he had ever seen. At least it came close. Dorothys dog Sammie; was eating a cat its mouth was covered in foam, he acted fast with one strong swing at the bloody dog. Jack started to wonder, where is Dorothy? As the dog layed unconsciously on the floor he put it out of its misery, then Jack ran through kitchen to the bedroom, on the bed was the worst sight imaginable, Dorothy's body completely ravaged. At least the dog had spared her beautiful face. He cried and called 911.
He didn't want to clean this up.

You can follow the progress here.